Saken is an Istanbul based design workshop. It is an organization that realizes the simultaneously integration of the “artisanal workshop”, which makes special production with product design discipline with the combined manufacturing logic. In Saken, which unites designers and craftsmen under the same roof, product design and manufacturing processes is a brand journey; in which each manufacturing is produced individually and exclusively, all details are created by the designer, shaped by the mastery with handcraft, and transformed into timeless and sustainable products with the current technological formation.

Each glass object is tailor-made. In this journey, with the indispensable individual skill of glass art, the artisan puts own heart and soul into the product and reveals an artistic attitude. The artisan is not afraid to experiment with glass as an artistic tool, but is also eager to explore the relationships between art and life, dreams and reality, imagination and reality.

Saken was founded in 2009 by Industrial Product Designer Faik Kale and Glass Artisan Sakine Kale as an R&D workshop that adopts its main material as "glass". Glass art as a refined craft requires an artistic skill to conceptualize a viable design and engineering skills to produce a work of art. Saken has made its ability and capacity with concept designs, prototype productions and artistic experiments; and shaped it with new generation material production processes. In 2015, it started to offer a fully equipped design and production service for high profile projects (such as super yachts, hotels, luxury residences) focusing on "glass"; including furniture, lighting, architectural glass, sculpture and installations.


Saken Ekip